Case Study 21: Air Duct tips in Alexandria, VA!

Here at Safe House, every so often we get a good opportunity to share stories and information on our industry practices and projects! There is a lot that goes into the process of ensuring that all of your Air Ducts are properly serviced! There are many possible layouts for your HVAC system, whether it be in the Attic, in the Basement, an outside unit, etc. This sort of work isn’t a DIY project! Our technicians have been in the industry and seen all sorts of models and layouts over the past 2 decades!

Your home layout will need its own specialized care and we’re here to help! We arrived at the lovely home of our client in Alexandria, VA! Being a new homeowner, they were familiar with where the HVAC system was located, but have never had their ducts serviced before. So we’re here to share some best practices to determine if its about that time to have your ducts cleaned, and what you can do to protect your vents!

  1. The most obvious signs would be any dust, visible debris, webs, hair and more stuck to the vent covers. If your vents also emit a strange odor, that is a sign of a more serious issue.
  2. It is definitely worthwhile to check out your filters once in a while! Once you figure out how to access the filters for your HVAC system, you can gauge how soon you’ll likely need your vents cleaned out
  3. If you feel a bit more congested or experience more coughing and sneezing fits at home, there may be an irritants flowing out from your vents. Especially during allergy season!
  4. Our furry friends also unfortunately contribute to the hair/fur and dander build up in your vents, so its important to keep it in mind when choosing to peek into your vents.

    It doesn’t have to be confusing or worrisome though! Our team is always available for consultation, as our technicians are always more than happy to answer Air Duct Cleaning questions as well!
    Stay Safe, Alexandria!

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