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Safe House is proud to be ranked as a Leader and top Chimney Cleaning company, proudly servicing the Northern Virginia area! Our professional duct cleaning services are thorough; resulting in fresh, clean, healthy air for your homes and commercial properties.

Chimney Care

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), approximately 26,000 fires annually can be attributed to fireplaces and chimneys resulting in property losses of more than $120 million and 10 deaths. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that homeowners regularly have their chimneys checked and cleaned by a chimney cleaning professional in order to reduce the possibility of a chimney fire.

Tips for Fire prevention:


1. Only Burn DRY wood. Damp/moist wood increases creosote buildup in your chimney.


2. Keep combustibles AWAY from your stove and Chimney connector.


3. Ensure that there aren’t any cracks in the brick or masonry, heat can radiate from the chimney structure and cause a fire.


Carbon Monoxide is one of the biggest threats to your home in the case of chimney blockages. Outside of fire prevention, Chimney care aims to mitigate the risk of this exposure which can be caused by the backflow of smoke from an inefficient chimney system.

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Chimney Cleaning:

Chimneys can only sustain the smoke byproducts caused by a fire. However, Creosote is a very flammable substance that can stick to the flue liner on the interior of your chimney. This layer becomes a greater hazard as it gets more dense and thick, which is why regularly scheduled cleanings/sweepings and inspections are ESSENTIAL. Blockages can also occur because of animals and bird nests being created in the spring and summer, when your chimney may not be in use as often. This leads to a risk of carbon monoxide accumulating in your home and air quality greatly diminishing.

Safe House specializes in handling all of these issues with great care and diligence to protect your home, WE GOT YOUR BACK! The Safe House sweep includes removing built-up soot, creosote, and other byproducts of the fire from the chimney liner, smoke chamber, firebox, and damper.


Safe House Air Duct Cleaning-Northern Virginia is proud to offer Professional Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning & Chimney services for over 20 years! We pave the landscape of this industry with the most efficient methods, tools, and experienced technicians on our roster. Our commitment to Quality and Customer service sets us apart from our competition. At Safe House, we hire the most seasoned veterans who have the wildest stories to share of their discoveries lurking in vents! We recognize that every Home and homeowner are unique. From the first contact or phone call, we work with you to ensure that our work meets your individual goals. We PROUDLY stand behind our work and love to share the results!

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