Professional Water Damage Restoration in Northern Virginia!

Safe House is proud to be ranked as a Leader and top Water Damage Restoration company, proudly servicing the Northern Virginia area! Our professional water damage restoration services are thorough; resulting in fresh, clean, healthy air for your homes and commercial properties.

Water Damage Repair

It's hard to account and plan for everything that can go wrong, and set up preventative measures. Disasters can strike at any moment. Hurricanes, storm leaks, Flash floods, pipe bursts, faulty plumbing, Water main breaks, leaks from upstairs, leaving the water running in the bath, malfunction from a laundry machine, there are a PLETHORA of reasons for which water damage can occur in your home.

If not handled adequately and expeditiously, mold can develop, which will further decay the integrity of your homes floors. Our technicians are equipped with top of the line equipment to pump the water out, and help restore your home to its former glory!


Here are some of the water damage situations that we remedy:

Basement Flood

We've adapted the best practices to clean up basement flood damage and get your home back to a habitable state. After removing the excess water and drying your basement.

Pipe Break

A noticeable drop in water pressure, hissing sound, or water-markings on the walls may indicate a burst pipe in your home. You should isolate the primary water issue and switch off your home's water & power supply.


Frozen Pipe

Frozen pipes are notorious for bursting and flooding homes. As part of frozen pipe prevention, we recommend that you insulate exterior pipes, such as the water supply lines in your garage or attic.

Toilet Overflow

An overflowing toilet can fill your home with contaminated water and cause irreparable damage to your floors, bathroom furniture, fixtures, and appliances. It can also threaten your health, and the odor can create a toxic environment. While you shouldn't try to handle or clean this up yourself without proper protective equipment, there are a few things you should do, like shutting the water valve and contacting Safe House water restoration professionals. Our water damage restoration experts will  clean, dry, and sanitize the affected areas.

Sewage backup

A sewage backup is an absolute nightmare that can cause massive water damage and destroy your home. It can backup harmful sewage fecal matter waste. To prevent it from happening in the first place, we recommend Avoiding pouring grease down your sink drain, and do not flush paper hygiene products.

Flash Floods/ Storm Damage

Flash flooding happens suddenly, after heavy rainfall or due to mudslides, broken dams, or overflowing streams. Flash floods can flow through your sewage system and push out feces and other debris into your home, which can also destroy your basement walls, ceiling structure and weaken your basement floor.

Roof Leak

Roof leakage can be caused by rain, a cracked vent pipe, broken shingles, chimney, clogged gutters, and more! We don't often inspect our attics, but this is how mold and mildew can flourish if left unchecked

water damage


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